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Staple Products For An Every Day Look

While everyone's makeup routine tends to look a little different, we all have staple products we can't live without. For some it's false lashes, others it's a nice red lip, no matter your preference, there are a few items in your makeup bag you can't live without. On this post I want to discuss a few staple items I think everyone can find useful and multi purpose to create a perfect every day look.

I personally have lightened up my makeup routine in the last year or so, I enjoy having those staple products that I can rely on that I know will keep me looking fresh and awake and also not take my whole morning before getting me out the door. I know there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way.

A good foundation, BB Cream, or tinted moisturizer plays an important role to your everyday look. Whether you prefer something with more coverage or something a little lighter that allows your skin to peak through, this is the first step in your routine for a fresh, even canvas. There are so many out there these days, you can find one with just about every finish, amount of coverage and lasting power you can imagine. Try out different ones and see what works best for your skin, there's one out there you will love.

For the next two products, I want to combine them into one paragraph. Some people like bronzer, some blush, others wear both. This is all a personal preference, some may be more fair and find that bronzer is too much, while blush alone is just right. Some may just like bronzer as they do not care for the color on the cheek. Whatever your preference, I think it is important to have at least one of the two items in your makeup bag for day to day. Having some definition on the cheeks can really play up the look, helping your skin look fresh and awake. You could also use them on the eyes in place of eyeshadow when trying to get out the door quickly and need a little something extra.

Eyebrows!! Eyebrows help frame the face, when filled in properly it can make a huge difference. There are a ton of different options to choose from when looking for brow products, pomades, pencils powders and gels, I have personally tried all of these methods and tend to bounce back and forth from time to time trying out different methods and techniques again. Whatever option you choose I'm sure you will find it makes a world of difference and helps complete the look.

Lips are a product everyone has an opinion about, bold or nude, liner or no liner, chapstick? The great thing about having a good day time look is that you can play with it and change it up as much as you want! Sometimes a bold lip looks beautiful with a natural or even no makeup face, or you might opt for something very natural like a little lip liner and chapstick. Have fun with it, find what works best for you and your skin tone. Whatever you choose, I would suggest having some sort of lip product as a part of your staple products.

The best part about staple products is that everyone has their own and they all differ. Find your favorites and use them to create an every day look that works best for you. You could easy add some mascara or concealer in this look to add a little more or transition into a night look with some smokey liner. That's the fun part of makeup, we can create and do whatever we envision and make it come to life.

What are some of your favorite staple products you can't live without every day? I would love to hear about them and how you like to use them!


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